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for  the  STAGE

As a Director and Choreographer, I have worked on several large-budget productions that have performed to sold-out houses in the US and Japan.


Check out the shows I have had the honor to direct over the last several years in Tokyo, all of which incorporated elements of Asian theatre and aesthetic, by clicking the "See More" button below.

for  the  PAGE

My professional background includes work in Marketing and PR in both the US and Japan, including positions as a copywriter and graphic designer.

Check out writing samples, samples of my graphic design and copywriting, and my online portfolio.

for  the  PARTY

With my background as a director, the transition seemed easy for me to go from that role into Event Planning. While other positions from time to time required me to help in the implementation of meet-and-greets and luncheons, it was 2009 in Tokyo when I was officially made Events, Fundraising and Communications Coordinator for one of Tokyo's prolithic non-profit organizations, TELL (Tokyo English Life Line). 


Have a look here at some of the events I organized over my three years with them.

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